Destination; Remarkable., Surviving the Dark Side of Success
Forbes Books
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Destination; Remarkable.

Surviving the Dark Side of Success

Forbes Books

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Few that know Mary Grothe today would guess that her childhood was traumatic.
That she was raised by an alcoholic mother and abusive father in a filthy
house, where tar dripped down the walls from the profusion of cigarette smoke.
That at fourteen she watched her childhood auctioned off beneath a big top
before fleeing town as a result of her parents’ criminal mistakes. Or that
dance, her original love and ticket to freedom, would be taken from her in an
instant. That four whole years of darkness followed. That she briefly married
a man so toxic that she had to plot a secret escape to free herself.

What many people do know is that, in spite of all the above, she discovered,
to her own astonishment and that of everyone around her, that she was
something of a sales prodigy. That her success was meteoric. That her name was
synonymous with number one.

Until now, most also don’t know that all of this “success” led her straight
back down into the darkness. Into alcoholism, and from there into the front
porch of her neighbors’ house, behind the wheel of one of her two cars. Or
that years of healing, and grinding away in the trenches, would only bring her
straight back to her knees. That finally, one fateful Christmas morning, from
the pit of the bottom, she found Jesus. That again, she thought she’d forever
changed her life, only to learn that doing so is easier said than done.

And that’s just the first half of this book.

But this isn’t an ordinary business book, or an ordinary autobiography. It’s
not merely a rollercoaster, either, but an entire theme park full of them: of
being a daughter, a partner, a wife, a mother, a Christian, a founder, and a
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